Zain Medical Center | Causes And Risk Factors For Heart Attack

Is it possible to prevent the risk of heart attack or stroke? Why not? According to experts of Zain Medical Center, not only advanced medication made treatment easier, but also the awareness of risk factors made things possible. Yes, if you know the risk factors for heart attack and know how to prevent them, you can win the battle over heart disease.

Let’s find out a few common risk factors of heart attack and how we can prevent them with the experts of Zain Medical Center.

Blood Pressure is the Main Reason of Heart Attack

High blood pressure is one of the common reasons for heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, most people fail to diagnose the symptom of high blood pressure. In result, it causes many different issues, including heart trouble. Usually, blood pressure should remain below 120/80 mm-Hg. If blood pressure goes beyond the normal range, it may cause prehypertension. Those who deal with the pre-hypertension need to make some changes in their lifestyle. Most people have a misconception that blood pressure problem can be inherited from family.  In reality, it is just a myth. The problem of blood pressure arises due to various scientific reasons. To know such reasons, you must get a proper evaluation from an experienced practitioner like doctors of Zain Medical Center.


Although cholesterol is not completely bad for your health, it has some drawbacks. When it comes to benefits of cholesterol, it enhances brain and other cellular functions. Everybody knows cholesterol contains fat that comes from either diet or liver produces it. According to experts of Zain Medical Center, it is essential to maintain the balance of cholesterol in the body. Neither it should increase or it should decrease, and to make it possible its regular checkup after every four months is required. If you find your cholesterol level is above the normal level, make sure you take prevention. Otherwise, it could lead to heart problems or even you might have to deal with a heart attack or stroke.

Blood Sugar Level Causes Heart Attack

The high blood sugar level is one of the major reasons that cause a heart attack. Today almost every 3rd person is dealing with diabetes and this is due to unhealthy habits and lifestyle. People with diabetes or high blood sugar level relatively have more chances of heart attack as compared to a non-diabetic person. Therefore, make sure you maintain your blood sugar level and keep eyes on it. For further advice, it is better to get an evaluation or consultation from the experienced professional doctors. A little carelessness might cause you heart trouble or any other health problem.

Final Words

According to experts at Zain Medical Center, these are the few major risk factors that can cause a heart attack or stroke. So what to do prevent them? The answer is – proper evaluation and regular checkup. Additionally, maintain a healthy lifestyle by adding proper diet and exercise in routine can save you from a lot of health-related issues. If you think we have missed any point or you want to add something, you can share with us below in the comment box.

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Zain Medical Center | Top Summer Health Risks to Avoid

When it comes to enjoying life, summer is one of the most immeasurable seasons of all time. This season is best suited for outings, traveling and having adventures. Also, it brings a lot of happiness in everyone’s face. But do you know what impact can sun and additional heat cause to your health during summer?

So herewith the expert team of Zain Medical Center let’s explore, what are the common summer health risks and how to avoid them. 

1. Sunburn in Summer Season

Sunburn is one of the common health risks from which around 40-50% of peoples suffer every year, said by Zain Medical Center. Sunburn occurs when a person comes in direct contact with the sunlight or spends extensive time outside during the hot days. Naturally, during summers, the sun releases some powerful UV radiations that are enough to burn skin. So in order to protect yourself, these summers, try to take some precautions. Also, it has been found that sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer. So here are some of the precautions that you can take to avoid sunburn: – Apply skin creams and lotions, wear sunglasses and hats, and avoid outings on extremely sunny days. 

2. Dehydration

Dehydration is a general summer disease that occurs when an excessive amount of fluid is released from our body through sweating or urination. According to experts of Zain Medical Center, the common symptoms of dehydration are too much thirst, dry mouth, dizziness, etc. Dehydration occurs mainly in summer days when the temperature rises due to the warm air. Dehydration may also lead to a heat stroke. Also, it can cause, headaches, diarrhea and vomiting, if not treated on time. So in order to prevent it, try to drink enough water and fluids every day so that your body remains hydrated.

3. Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning is another common problem that occurs in individuals during the summer. It occurs mainly due to eating unhealthy, processed, uncooked and unhygienic food that contains viruses and bacteria. So always prefer fresh and healthy food. Also, the symptoms like Vomiting, Feeling lazy and weak, Fever, Aching muscles, and Diarrhea can appear during Food poisoning. These symptoms can appear in an individual within 1-2 days. So in order to prevent this type of health risk avoid eating junk street foods because it may be life-threatening. Also, individuals are suggested that immediately consult a physician if you experience such symptoms.

4. Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is one of the dangerous health risks that can occur in summer due to sunburn or coming directly in contact with the sun for a long period. There are millions of people that are suffering due to skin cancer. If you found symptoms like anomalies in your skin, sunburn then you must definitely consult a doctor. Because skin cancer at an early stage can be diagnosed. To avoid this type of risk wear full sleeve clothes and do not let the sun come in contact with you. Also, apply some skin creams and lotions because prevention is always better than a cure. 

5. Accidents

It may sound awkward, but many accidents indeed happen during the summertime. And the reason behind it is the consumption of alcohol. In summer, more alcohol is consumed by peoples in order to chill themselves. While it may seem okay for some time, but the problem arises when it affects the driving ability of the person and they end up crashing. So keep in mind that, avoid drinking while driving because it can have various consequences. 

Final Words

So these were the five common health risks explored by the experts and professionals of Zain Medical Center. Try to avoid these above mentioned common health risks so that, you and your family can remain safe this summer. 

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Zain Medical Center | Healthy Diet Benefits For Stress Management

Sami Anwar– CEO of Zain Medical Center says stress is one of the common issues we all deal with in everyday life. However, how we deal with it make all the difference. Stress management is essential for everyone who deals with stress or anxiety. After all, anything in excess, including stress is harmful to our mental and physical health.

So how one can stay away from stress? The answer is a healthy diet.

Let’s explore a few good stress-buster food items with Zain Medical Center, whichis one of the stress management technique.



Most people may not know that lack of magnesium can cause headaches, and increase stress. Further, Spinach is a good source of magnesium. It reduces stress level, anxiety, and also improve the ability to think. In case you don’t like spinach, try other green, leafy vegetables, or cooked soybeans. They are also high in magnesium.

Complex Carbs

Most people may not know about complex carbs and their benefits. According to Zain Medical Center, serotonin in our brain helps in improving mood, sleep, memory, and many other functions.  Therefore, for the supply of this chemical, complex carbs are the best choice. The good choice includes oatmeal, pasta, whole-grain bread, etc. Even it also helps in balancing the blood sugar level.


Oranges are a very good source of Vitamin C. As we all know, that vitamin can balance the level of stress hormones and strengthen the immune system with ease. According to experts, it is also helpful in balancing high blood pressure, and level of stress hormone. So, make sure you add oranges in your everyday diet.

Simple Carbs

Many experts at Zain Medical Center recommend simple carbs for individuals to stay healthy and fit. You can find these carbs in sweets and soda. A pinch of simple carbs is enough to supply serotonin. However, it doesn’t stay for longer, so make sure you do not consume it in excess.

Black Tea Role in Stress Management

Everyone knows the magic of tea. But do you know what black tea can do for you? One cup of black tea in a day can easily recover you from any kind of stress or anxiety. Experts at Zain medical center says that drinking black tea in limit but regularly makes you calm and reduce stress level.

Avocados as Stress Management Diet

Do you know diet to control blood pressure? Well, Avocados is the answer and plays a major role in stress management. It contains a sufficient amount of potassium that can balance high blood pressure. Furthermore, the benefit of adding avocados in your diet is its capability to reduce your craving for high-fat diet due to stress. Remember, avocados contain high calories and fat, so watch out the quantity you consume.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish is a good source to reduce and control stress hormones and is one of the stress management diet. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids that not only control stress hormones but also protect you from heart disease, depression, etc. If you good amount of omega-3s, you must consume a good amount of fatty fish at least two times a week.

Final Words

So these are the few good stress management diet options that you must add in your diet. Nowadays everyone, including Zain Medical center, CEO Sami Anwar knows the value of a healthy diet and habits. To fight with problems like stress, anxiety, and depression, make sure you work on your eating habits and lifestyle. People who follow a good lifestyle usually deal with less health problems in life.

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Zain Medical Center | Best Remedies For Sleep Disorder

When it comes to sleep disorders, reasons could be many. Most people deal with sleep disorders nowadays due to a busy work schedule or stress. In the beginning, it looks like a minor issue but with time it leads to various chronic problems. In recent years, the problem of sleep disorders has been increased around the globe.

So what to do if you are dealing with sleep disorders? Let’s find out with Sami Anwar– CEO of Zain medical center.


Sleep Disorder Remedies

According to Sami Anwar – CEO of Zain Medical Center, medication is the most common treatment of all the major sleep disorders. You may or may not know that disorders are different and they cause are different too. Therefore, to deal with such disorders different type of medication is required with other remedies. To deal with the major sleep disorders you must know what kind of medication you required. And this is only possible after a proper evaluation from the professionals who are experienced in medical treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Many sleep disorders are associated with a pattern of behavior which is why experts refer to cognitive behavioral therapy. As it is a common treatment that helps people to learn how to manage several different sleep disorders. Such therapy is commonly used to treat insomnia and narcolepsy. Even it helps people with other sleep disorders as well. In this process, an individual learns to develop coping strategies. And learn how to deal with the consequences of a sleep disorder.

Sleep Routines

Sleep Routine

If you are one of those who have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder must develop good sleeping habits that are good for the mind, body, and soul.  Most people may not know that sleep disorders, including insomnia, create anxiety which is not good for mental and physical health. However, you can manage it by adopting a good sleep routine.  So, it is advisable for you to work on your sleep routines.

Relaxation, Meditation, and Exercise


Most people deal with sleep disorders like insomnia and RLS. The good news is that you can minimize it by using relaxation techniques, practicing yoga, meditating, and using other exercises.  These kinds of exercises improve sleep quality in people and avoid sleep disorders. People should do such exercises in the early morning. It actually works in reducing stress and improving sleep.

Final Words

These are the few good remedies for those people who deal with sleep disorders. According to Sami Anwar– CEO of Zain medical center, to live a healthy and happy life, it is necessary to take care of mind, body, and soul. And this is only possible if you adopt healthy habits, including good sleep habit.


Zain Medical Center | 4 Tips For Choosing Health Care Physician

Do you know what it takes to build a healthy life? The answer is a healthy lifestyle. Now the question is how one can attain a healthy lifestyle?  Well, to attain a healthy lifestyle, you must consult health care experts who can guide you as per your need and requirement. Nowadays, choosing health care physician is not a difficult task, but there are few things that you must consider while choosing the physician. To make it easier Sami Anwar – CEO of Zain medical center has started this non-profit organization. In Zain medical center, you will find the experienced doctors, the latest technology and resources to make the life easier of the patients.

Let’s explore a few good tips for choosing health care physician.

Ask Your Network

The first and easy step to find a professional and experienced doctor: Ask your friends and family for the doctors or medical care centers. A recommendation from someone you trust can save your time and money to a great extent. Also, it gives a sense of relief that you are choosing someone who was perfect for your friend or family will definitely won’t disappoint you.

Quality Check

Needless to say, you wouldn’t hire someone to repair your home without knowing the quality of his work. Similarly, it is necessary to look for the quality of work when it comes to hiring a medical care center or physician. Make sure the one you choose must possess license and experience in the respective field. Also, they must use the latest techniques and equipment for medical treatment.

Cold Call

According to Sami Anwar, it is always better to call a potential doctor’s clinic to find out their professional etiquettes. How they communicate with a person on the phone call and their process of giving an appointment, etc. says a lot about them and their professionalism. For instance, they might tell you that they have already lined up clients for the next 2 weeks, you can call after 2 weeks. Or they would say the doctor is already busy for the next 2 weeks, can we schedule your appointment after 2nd week? There’s a lot of difference between these two sayings. How they attend you on the phone call will help you to understand about them and their behavior.

Keep your Needs in Mind

Every individual has unique health needs, and those needs vary according to the age of people. Therefore, it is necessary to know the area and specialty of a doctor before approaching him. For say, doctors are really good at sports medicine, but if you’re not a professional athlete or stopped playing in your senior years, that may not be helpful to you. Some doctors, on the other hand, may have a specialization in diabetes care or pain management. Those are things you must ask when you call.

Final Thoughts

According to Sami Anwar– CEO of Zain medical center, it is very important for an individual to do a good research before choosing a physician. So, these are the few good tips for choosing health care physician. Even you can approach a medical center with a good reputation like Zain medical center who offer world-class medical facilities, guidance from professional doctors, and resources to every patient. In case you have any query regarding primary care or health issues, feel free to write below in the comment box.


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